"I Just Can't Get Comfortable With My Neck Pillow...Help"

Sometimes going from no curve in the neck to using a pillow that puts a curve in, isn't the most comfortable thing. This is why we often recommend someone starts off gradually. A big change too quickly can make you sore. We want to make that change for you gradual.

It's really like anything else that you haven't done, or haven't done in a long time. Your body and/or muscles aren't used to it. So when we say start gradually, it may just mean yo use it for 20 minutes and go back to your old pillow.

It really depends on someone's neck. If they have no curve at all or maybe a reversed curve (kyphotic neck) it can take longer to make the change. Since you really won't know what your neck curve looks like without an x-ray, start gradual either way.

If you get used to it right away - great! However, if you are reading this you may just have to gradually get used to your pillow.

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