The More Gentle Pillow For The One Who Wants Something Softer!

Everyone is so different. Some like a firm pillow, some like a soft one. Some get used to a real flat one, you name it...

As you get older the greater chance of arthritis building building up. This often can mean more pain, decreased movement, and inflammation.

The Natural Alignment Pillow may be just right for you. First, it's very soft. This works very well with the more sensitive neck, being more gentle and a lesser height than most other pillows.

Next, it's fairly low (meaning the height is less). This can work very well for someone with a big loss of their neck curve, or a more sensitive neck, or a more arthritic neck as well.

Lastly, this may fit someone of smaller stature too. Neck pillows often end up being too high for the smaller framed person.

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