Silence serenity retreat in Tasmania respite from chemotherapy

We came over to Tasmania in the car ferry 'Spirit of Tasmania' from Melbourne to Devonport, Tasmania on an overnight crossing.   A very calm sailing with only 300 passengers on board instead of close to 700 making it a much more pleasant journey.  We disembarked with our car just prior to 7am and after a breakfast stop in a little bakery cafe near the wharf we had an hour's drive through rainforest and hills to our destination at Green's Beach - a beautiful little cove with about 100 homes and a very lovely beach.   We had a walk along the beach, drink at the little cafe/shop and then a good sleep as I did not sleep much on the ferry.

Yesterday we drove closer to Launceston to Grindelweld - the Swiss village and Lake Louise where we had another lovely walk.

Today another walk on the beach while the sun was shining and a rest at home as my breathing was a bit tight.

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