Healthy Seeds You May Have Heard About, But Are Still A Big Question Mark...

Healthy seeds:

Chia seeds - these guys are everywhere now. Early civilizations knew some of the great benefits, such as high fiber and protein. Theses guys are also great energy boosters. To eat them, just sprinkle over what your eating. I put a couple table spoons in a protein shake I make.

My mother-in-law gave us a couple different kinds, one was black and white, one was blackish. I've learned they may have slightly different qualities but very similar.

Hemp seeds - I remember seeing Woody Harrelson taunting hemp at one time. They make clothes and everything else out of hemp but let's talk about the seeds.

Known as a "complete protein", these seeds can also be added to anything. Another great thing is that they taste good too. In fact, adding any of these seeds to your yogurt or oatmeal gives some nice flavor.

Flax seeds - definitely high in fiber and omega 3's. These little guys are also know to have a good amount of magnesium. Lastly, let's not for get about lignan content and all of their antioxidant qualities.

I've now seen these in a pill form or actually in a bottle (flax seed oil). Knowing this, you can actually pour the oil right into you shake or juice.

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