Fact about Successfull Mesothelioma Claims

Fact about Successfull Mesothelioma Claims

Surenesses About Mesothelioma

Fact about Successfull Mesothelioma Claims
Mesothelioma is a remarkable however authentic kind of danger that has no cure.

It is a terminal infirmity that is contracted by prologue to asbestos or more especially by taking in asbestos fiber or asbestos clean.

Prologue to asbestos is the primary known purpose behind mesothelioma.

The contamination can make after prologue to by and large low levels of asbestos.

After the primary introduction, the symptoms of the ailment can take between 20 to 50 years to make.

There are 2 essential sorts of the contamination – Pleural Mesothelioma, in which a tumor outlines on the covering of the lungs and Peritoneal Mesothelioma, which is a tumor that structures on the covering of the peritoneum in the mid-area. More information on the two sorts of the disease can be found here.

A champion among the most colossal differentiations among mesothelioma and diverse asbestos-related diseases is that mesothelioma can become paying little heed to whether the presentation occurs over an almost concise time allotment, or if an individual is exhibited to respectably low levels of asbestos.

If you have gotten this fatal infection, you may be met all requirements for record a mesothelioma claim to compensate for your loss of pay, physical and mental persevering, advancing therapeutic expenses and cost caused for nursing care. In deadly cases, the compensation claim can in like manner fuse commemoration benefit costs.

Fact about Successfull Mesothelioma Claims

Two Unique Features Of Mesothelioma Claims

Because of the possibility of the ailment and the short break among examination and passing, an uncommon court technique has been set up for quickening the methodology for mesothelioma claims. A choice or settlement is by and large come to inside a period of recording.

It isn't simply individuals working in an asbestos tainted workplace who are met all requirements for record a mesothelioma pay declare. Workers' relatives who may have been displayed to the clean on their pieces of clothing and hair are also fit the bill for compensation as are property holders who live in the area of the workplace and who may have been introduced to asbestos despite for a concise time allotment.

Recording A Successful Mesothelioma Claim

Fact about Successfull Mesothelioma Claims

For a mesothelioma compensation claim to be viable, it needs to meet these requirements:

A remedial report communicating a finish of mesothelioma.

Affirmation that introduction to asbestos happened while on that particular work and this presentation was the prompt purpose behind the sickness.

Affirmation that the business thought about asbestos related risks yet fail to take after standard prosperity headings as directed by the law, achieving silly and risky introduction to asbestos.

Meeting each one of the three of these necessities will grow your chances of recording a productive pay ensure for mesothelioma. What is most basic to recall is that these asbestos claims have astoundingly strict limits set up. It is best to begin strategies at the soonest opportunity.

Fact about Successfull Mesothelioma Claims

How Do You Show That An Employer Is Legally Responsible For Your Disease And Is Liable To Settle Your Claim For Compensation?

There are certain laws introduced in the UK that can empower you to make sense of what falls inside your administrator's legal commitment and what doesn't.

The dangers of asbestos internal breath ended up known in the mid 1990s. Any person who contracted mesothelioma in view of asbestos introduction that occurred before that won't not have sufficient explanation behind recording a compensation ensure against their administrators.

After the dangers of asbestos internal breath wound up known, supervisors were really required to figure out how to restrain chance by driving peril examinations, setting up cautious advances and outfitting masters with information and suitable guarded apparatus. Contracting mesothelioma paying little respect to these measures recommends that the business may have been thoughtless in no less than one of the locales. For this circumstance the business may be responsible for settling your claim for compensation.

Fact about Successfull Mesothelioma Claims

Adventure The No Win No Fee Policy When Filing A Mesothelioma Claim

The best way to deal with archive a claim for compensation for mesothelioma is by searching for the help of individual harm pro experienced in dealing with mesothelioma claims. The more experienced the master is, the higher the chances of getting liberal damages.

When you consider advancing mesothelioma medications and loss of pay in view of the affliction, searching for legitimate urging may seem like an absurdly costly decision. Regardless, you ought to understand that most assumed individual harm experts work under a No Win No Fee Policy. This implies they will at first evaluate the nature of your case and if you have a strong case they will offer to fight your case without taking any straightforward costs. They will simply take a cost after they have been powerful in getting pay for your purpose. This empowers you to remain mindful of your advancing treatment and diverse expenses and you simply need to pay your lawful counsel after you've gotten the compensation.

What You Should Know About Handling Asbestos

What You Should Know About Handling Asbestos 

It is basic to deal with asbestos deliberately to dodge any harm to your lungs or different parts of your body. Asbestos is a known cancer-causing agent, and taking in asbestos strands can prompt mesothelioma, which is a savage and for the most part serious type of lung tumor. 

Note that if asbestos is fit as a fiddle and is behind dividers or different structures, it doesn't ordinarily introduce any danger. Be that as it may, if asbestos is harmed or worn it can introduce a high hazard to your wellbeing. In such cases, asbestos strands can piece off and end up plainly airborne and afterward breathed in. Those strands can progress toward becoming imbedded in the lungs and years after the fact, you could grow either mesothelioma or asbestosis. 

The following are a portion of the regular spots where asbestos can be found and what you ought to do about it: 

What You Should Know About Handling Asbestos 

In the Home 
What You Should Know About Handling Asbestos

The utilization of asbestos for the most part finished in home development by 1980, yet there are as yet numerous more seasoned homes that have asbestos protection, and in addition asbestos in roof tiles, shingles, siding and ground surface. In this way, when any redesign or devastation ventures are done in the house, these things must be dealt with painstakingly and with fitting security safety measures. 

In the event that you are doing any DYI extends in your home that could include the treatment of asbestos, you ought to never do it without anyone else's help, really. You should acquire an authorized asbestos reduction expert to do this unsafe work. These specialists are authorized and prepared to evacuate asbestos securely. They likewise know whether it is a superior alternative to typify the asbestos and allow it to sit unbothered. They additionally can discard asbestos securely also. 

Keep in mind, on the off chance that you are doing any remodels that include taking care of asbestos, bring in an asbestos reduction proficient immediately. 

What You Should Know About Handling Asbestos 

In the Workplace 

What You Should Know About Handling Asbestos

Any activity site where specialists can experience any sort of asbestos must have an asbestos administration design in task. This means all materials that contain asbestos must be recognized and legitimately kept up, lease an auto with driver in Paris. Any individual who works with asbestos containing materials must be told about how to deal with asbestos securely to keep away from any wellbeing dangers. 

Additionally, laborers ought to never be required to deal with asbestos expulsion or partake in the demolition of any zone that contains asbestos. Similarly as with asbestos in an individual living arrangement, asbestos in the work environment must be taken care of by an authorized asbestos reduction proficient who have been prepared and ensured. 

What You Should Know About Handling Asbestos 

From Natural Disasters 

What You Should Know About Handling Asbestos
Typhoons and tornadoes can make real harm homes and structures, and some of them, on the off chance that they are mature enough, could contain asbestos. The hazardous asbestos filaments could be discharged into the air after the catastrophic event and could be breathed in by the two individuals and creatures. 

Now and then, the general population who are helping the tidy up process after a cataclysmic event can be presented to asbestos and are themselves in danger for creating genuine medical issues, including mesothelioma. Yet, specialists on call are by all account not the only ones in danger; any individual who is in the zone where asbestos strands were discharged are in risk of an asbestos related sickness too. 

It is vital to have appropriate asbestos taking care of safeguards after any catastrophic event, for example, tornadoes, sea tempests, flames and surges. 

What You Should Know About Handling Asbestos 

Aversion Tips After a Natural Disaster 

What You Should Know About Handling Asbestos

In the event that your home was worked before the 1980s and may contain asbestos in any piece of the structure, or on the off chance that you are working in recuperation endeavors where asbestos containing materials are available, you ought to take after these tips: 

You ought to have a first aid pack amassed if there should be an occurrence of a cataclysmic event that incorporates a cover that ensures your nose and mouth. This will shield you from asbestos and furthermore from different chemicals and poisons. 

You ought to have a veil for your relatives and pets and additional covers too. 

The survival kit ought to contain water too, which is for drinking yet in addition can be utilized to make asbestos containing items wet. This will diminish the shot that asbestos filaments will end up noticeably airborne. 

What You Should Know About Handling Asbestos 

About Asbestos and Mesothelioma Compensation and Trust Funds 

What You Should Know About Handling Asbestos

On the off chance that you are presented to asbestos in the working environment and you create mesothelioma, you have the privilege to document individual damage claim against the business, or against the producer of the asbestos-containing items. Since there are such a large number of these cases, numerous organizations have set up put stock in stores, which are overseen by trustees who dispense assets to the individuals who are qualified for remuneration. 

In the event that the organization has left business and gone bankrupt, the organization needs to make stores for individuals who have been presented to asbestos at work and got a genuine wellbeing condition from it. 

On the off chance that you need to document an asbestos case to a trust, it resembles most other legitimate activities. You should demonstrate that you endured wounds identified with asbestos presentation. By and large, you should demonstrate that you were determined to have the condition by a medicinal expert, and you will likewise require an announcement from your specialist that affirms the analysis.

Keytruda and other similar immunotherapy drugs/treatments stimulate the immune system to fight the tumours! People with a life threatening illness such as cancer simply do not have time to waste!

Winter and our shortest day of the year tomorrow here in Australia (21 June).  Misty, foggy and light falling rain seems to be our normal weather daily pattern with top temperatures reaching 12 to 16 degrees celcius.

Merck (USA) posted this article in the press last Thursday.  It explains a breakthrough/good response with non-small cell lung cancer treating it with Keytruda/Immunotherapy compared to chemotherapy.


Merck's flagship cancer immunotherapy Keytruda delayed the re-growth of tumors and prolonged survival in patients with newly diagnosed non-small cell lung cancer compared to chemotherapy, the company said Thursday 16 June 2016!

16 June 2016 - USA/Merck
The new phase III study results from Merck are significant because they represent the first time that a drug belonging to the so-called checkpoint inhibitor class of cancer immunotherapies has demonstrated superiority over standard of care in the treatment of first-line lung cancer patients.
Merck is the first of the Big Pharma companies to demonstrate the efficacy of a checkpoint inhibitor in newly diagnosed lung cancer, but it will likely have company soon.
Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY) is expected to announce results from a phase III study of Opdivo in first-line lung cancer in the third quarter. Roche (RHHBY) is also making an aggressive push with its own checkpoint inhibitor into lung cancer.

 Lou's comment:
To me this is a huge breakthrough for Keytruda and getting it along with other immunotherapy drugs on to our Australian PBS fast tracked for Mesothelioma and other rarer less known cancers that it is also showing promise with.
It needs to be on the PBS as first line and second line treatments, and should be available on the PBS free for everyone who will benefit from this immunotherapy treatment.  It is used after all other protocol treatments have 'failed' in particular for Mesothelioma.  This is so wrong!  Keytruda and other similar immunotherapy drugs/treatments stimulate the immune system to fight the tumours!  People with a life threatening illness such as cancer simply do not have time to waste!

At the moment, Keytruda and some other immunotherapy drugs that are not on our PBS are costing patients at least $5,000 to $9,000 out of pocket for each infusion!  So so wrong!  How on earth are we supposed to afford this life saving treatment?  Families do not need this added stress when faced with a life threatening illness.  It is bad enough coping with the routine of surviving the never ending rounds of medical specialists/hospitals/bathroom and bed (never ending nausea/pain/fatigue)!!

2 examples of patients with Mesothelioma and who are currently having life saving Keytruda immunotherapy treatments.  Please take a moment to read their stories of survival, strength and hope.
Help fight asbestos lung cancer
 8 months ago, David was diagnosed with Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma (lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure); a terminal cancer that usually affects people in  ‌their 70s, has hit my lovely man at 37 - 2 weeks after his 37th birthday, he was given 12 months to live.

MPM is a rare and aggressive cancer, and David's is growing fast - we need to access immunotherapy drugs, called keytruda, that have displayed amazing results for tumour reduction and quality of life. It comes at an enormous cost though - with a young family and currently zero income, we are facing up to $13000 every 3 weeks; which is simply unobtainable without becoming homeless.

If anyone is in a position to help, it would be more appreciated than you could possibly imagine; as much as I detest asking for handouts, my kids need their daddy, I need my husband, and he needs these drugs.

Thank you in advance #cancersucks

Below is the petition link, fast tracking keytruda onto the pbs, making it accessible for only $6! Please sign xo

  https://www.change.org/p/federal-health-minister-sussan-ley-keytruda-on-pbs-pharmaceutical-benefits-scheme-for-mesothelioma-life-saving-drug?recruiter=124933620&utm_source=petitions_show_components_action_panel_wrapper&utm_medium=copylink ‌ 
 Paul Bosworth Fights Mesothelioma 

 Hi Everyone,

As many of you are already aware, our dad, Paul Bosworth, was diagnosed with mesothelioma, the asbestos lung cancer, in August 2014.   Dad is only 66 years young. 

Dad retired after 46 years of working - 36 of those years spent at Griffith University - and was ready to start his retired life with our step-mum Stana, when he was diagnosed with mesothelioma.  This was a huge shock to us all as Dad has always been so healthy! Dad never worked with asbestos, but somehow came into contact with it in the worst way possible.  But, as we know, cancer doesn’t discriminate and it only takes 1 fibre of asbestos inhaled 30-something years prior to cause this type of cancer.

Dad has completed two gruelling chemo treatments over 10 months, radiation and an immunology vaccine trial and his tumour has stayed almost the same size however, over the past several months dad has had to endure very strong pain medication to manage the excruciating pain caused by his cancer.  The pain dad suffered pretty much halted his life: he lost a lot of weight and lost his energy, wasn’t sleeping or eating and wasn’t enjoying life anymore.  So now that Dad has gone through chemo, radiation and the immunology vaccine trial; and exhausting all these options, we are now looking at “what next?”.   

On Friday 22nd April, Dad started on a drug called Keytruda.  This immunotherapy drug may be the lifeline patients around the world have been seeking.  In a clinical trial, Keytruda was found to be effective in controlling mesothelioma tumours in three-quarters of patients.  The 25 patients enrolled in the trial, all who had previously received standard chemotherapy treatment but still had tumour growth, received the drug every two weeks. Seven patients had partial response (a decrease in tumours size) and 12 patients had stable disease (no tumour growth or shrinkage). The final results showed an overall disease control rate of 76%!

As Keytruda is not on the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) for mesothelioma, and in order for Dad to start this treatment, he has to come up with almost $5000 every 3 weeks (approx. $86,000 a year!). These are the out of pocket expenses and this is not financially sustainable for a retiree.

In the short time that Dad has been on this drug, he has noticed a remarkable improvement in his quality of life.  The pain that he has suffered has almost gone, he’s reduced his pain medication and his fighting spirit is back! 

Please help us fund Dad’s treatment so we can keep our old man off the streets – we love him and we want him around to be a part of all the little joys that life brings as we get older (ie. weddings, grand-kids, fur-grand-kids, retirement etc).  Keytruda can and will help keep Dad around!

We love you and we thank you for any donation that you can provide to help save our dad - we are eternally grateful.

Tania & Karl

Other Information:
Keytruda is on the PBS for melanoma patients and we are hoping (with the hard work of advocates like Lou Williams) that it will be successful in being put on the PBS for mesothelioma!  When it’s on the PBS, it costs patients $37/dose.  A far cry from the $4700/dose dad, and other Mesothelioma Warriors have to cough up!

For more information on living with mesothelioma, check out Lou’s blog – this gives you a great insight into what it’s like having meso and the constant fight to stay alive.  Lou is an amazing inspiration! Lou William's Fight Against Mesothelioma

To sign the petition to help us get Keytruda on the PBS for Meso patients, please visit Change.org : Petition to have Keytruda on the PBS

Winter has set in and be mindful of colds leading to infections/pneumonia & ASEA 2016 Asbestos Awareness & Management Conference 13-15 Nov 2016


It has been a few weeks since my last blog.  Our winter weather (Australia) has well and truly set in.  Heater on during the day and open fire at night to warm the lounge room and our bones plus of course Charlie (our Siamese elderly cat) who loves nothing better than curling up on our laps or the chair closest to the Coonara heater.

In particular anyone with mesothelioma/asbestosis needs to be mindful of colds that could lead to infection/pneumonia.  This time of the year especially during chemotherapy treatment I avoid shopping malls where it would be easy to be coughed upon by someone who has the dreaded lurgy/flu and should be home in bed resting.

Pneumonia is an inflammatory condition of the lung affecting primarily the microscopic air sacs known as alveoli. Typical signs and symptoms include a cough with phlegm, chest pain, fever, and trouble breathing. Symptoms can vary from mild to severe. People who are old or very young may not have typical symptoms. Usually people begin improving within three days of starting treatment; however, they may feel tired for more than a month afterwards.

 Thanks to Keytruda having infusions every 3 weeks overnight in hospital for 12 months (April 2015 to March 2016) my immune system is still very much in excellent condition and my bloods very good, so the latest chemotherapy Vinoralbine/Carboplatin minus steroids is a breeze re side effects apart from fatigue that just strikes when it wants to, however in the scheme of things - it is a minor problem!  My last chemotherapy will be next Tuesday followed by CT scans a couple of weeks after that to see further stability/shrinkage of the tumours inside the lungs.  I have returned to excellent health, good appetite and doing 'normal' duties around the house/garden and of course daily outings exploring our beautiful countryside.
I am very excited to post the above logo for the annual Asbestos Safety & Eradication Agency (ASEA) annual Asbestos Awareness & Management International Conference will be held in Adelaide, South Australia 13 - 15 November 2016.

I have been involved and attended both previous conferences held in Melbourne (2014) and Brisbane (2015).  It is an absolute pleasure to be part of these conferences and I look forward to being involved and attending this one in November!
To all warriors around the world I send my love, warrior strength and cocooned hugs to you.
My email is eradicateasbestos@gmail.com

Lou xx

Keytruda continuing to kick goals with Lou's Mesothelioma!

Hi all

Well our weather has turned very cold, windy and tempting rain drops!  I guess winter is here!!  Next Wednesday 1 June 2016 our winter season officially commences for 3 months, then we can look forward to beautiful Spring weather from 1 September!

Last Friday was a marathon day at Epworth hospital, Richmond, Melbourne for CT scans on neck, chest, pelvis and abdomen. A cannula was inserted into the arm and contrasting dye injected during the scans.
A computed tomography (CT) scan is an imaging method that uses x-rays to create pictures of cross-sections of the body.

Yesterday a visit to John Fawkner Hospital, Melbourne for bloods to be taken at pathology, consultation with my oncologist Allan Zimet then chemo with Day Chemo if bloods were okay.
Bloods were fine, so chemo was given the go ahead!

Results of scans showed STABLE, no change really since my last scans in March 2016.  Keytruda is still in my system and working to keep tumours stable along with the 4 chemotherapy infusions of Vinorelbine/Carboplatin minus steroid Dexamethasone and the drug Maxolon!

My health has returned to excellent quality of life, and still NO PAIN since commencing Keytruda in April 2015!  So I am on maintenance chemotherapy of Vinorelbine/Carboplatin with the hope of shrinkage rather than stable of tumours.  There is the mention of Keytruda to have further top up infusions however due to us having to pay $5,000 per treatment it would mean stretching our credit card once more to cover this cost.  However as it is life saving treatment then we would not hesitate to have further Keytruda treatments when the time comes.

Travelling on the Calder Freeway to Melbourne just after 8am this accident had just happened on the other side of road and all traffic was at a standstill.  The road remained closed until 5am this morning, so nearly 24 hours of alternative roads.


One person is killed and five others are injured after an out-of-control petrol tanker rolls over on the Calder Freeway leaving a trail of crushed and damaged cars.


Keytruda fast track Mesothelioma PBS response from Health Minister Hon Sussan Ley!

Keytruda for Mesothelioma gave me back my life! Please continue to sign my petition for fast tracking Keytruda on to PBS.

Announcement!  I just want to shout out that I am feeling almost 100% back to good health! 

Keytruda brought me back to life in April 2015 for 12 months giving excellent quality of life.  At the end of March 2016 my scans showed fluid shrinkage, however new tumour growth inside the lungs.
Thanks to Keytruda stimulating my immune system I was able to commence a chemotherapy regime of vinorelbine/carboplatin to shrink these new tumours.  After the first infusion of this combination chemotherapy I went into a coma and was rushed to hospital where it was a miracle that I pulled through!  The steroid dexamethasone infused in this chemotherapy created an allergic reaction causing the coma and as a result of this, I now have diabetes type 1 requiring insulin to be injected daily into my stomach as the pancreas has stopped producing insulin.

Keytruda has not failed me - it has strengthened my immune system giving quality of life and NO PAIN and has enabled me to have this chemotherapy regime as the immune system is excellent!

20 April 2016 the above picture at my birthday party with 35 family attending.  This picture is on my way to recovery after my coma episode in hospital 3 week's prior when it was touch and go if I would pull through!  I did and now am on my way well and truly to recovery.  I must mention that my hair just went grey overnight upon admittance to the hospital!  I have kinda grown used to it!

The article below is in today's national newspapers around Australia and in particular highlighting Keytruda (immunotherapy drug) as showing promise with 30+ rare cancers.  Please continue to sign my petition to get Keytruda and other immunotherapy drugs fast tracked on to our PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) so it will be free for all patients who need these life saving drugs!  At the moment costs to patients vary between $5,000 and $9,000 per infusion.  We simply do not have time to waste!
Petition link:  (Please copy and paste link).

Drug that saved Ron Walker could help wide range of cancer patients

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Ron Walker has backed a campaign to have Keytruda fast tracked for subsidised use on melanoma.
A DRUG that saved Ron Walker from melanoma may also be able to save patients from 30 other types of cancer.

Immunotherapy drug Keytruda is now showing promising results in 250 international trials, offering hope of a new treatment to thousands of desperate Australians with cancers ranging from breast, pancreatic and lung tumours, to those with leukaemia, myeloma and lymphomas.
Researchers have discovered that the same biomarker the drug aims for in melanoma cells — known as PD-L1 — is also present in many cases of the 30 other cancers.
MORE: Cancer expert in fight of his life
This means a new generation of anti-PD-1 drugs like Keytruda and Opdivo may work on cancers that are genetically similar, regardless of where they are located in a patient’s body.
Biomarker tests developed by Keytruda manufacturer MSD show between 15 and 100 per cent of some cancer types may become targets for the drugs, though Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre oncologist Prof Grant McArthur said trials are now determining how effective the treatment was for each disease.

“There is accumulating evidence on the trials of significant rates of tumour shrinkage on more than just melanoma, lung cancer, kidney cancer ... there is a growing list of cancers that do show a response to the PD-1 drugs,” Prof McArthur said.

“These drugs are active in multiple diseases. We are anticipating that these PD-1 drugs like Keytruda, Opdivo and others coming through are going to be used in multiple cancer types.”
Cancers are classified depending on where they occur in a person’s body, with different treatments required for each type.
But, because the new drugs work based on the genetic makeup of the cancer’s cells rather than their placement, they require a new set of processes to determine which patients will benefit.
US-based Dr Ken Emancipator, who developed MSD’s PD-L1 biomarker test, said being able to screen the makeup of a patient’s cancer to determine if it will respond to the medication could be the difference to gaining lie-saving treatment early.
“When the tumour expresses PD-L1 we have identified a patient that is very likely to benefit from an anti-PD-1 therapy,” Dr Emancipator said.
“We are pursuing the test in lots of other cancers. We are looking at monotherapy in 30 different tumour types.”

The PD-L1 protein usually works to prevent the body attacking its own cells when inflammation occurs. But, because some inflammation-causing cancers have been found to also express PD-L1, drugs that block the protein can trick the body’s immune system into attacking and killing the cancer.
In a further boost researchers believe they may be able to alter other cancers so that they begin causing inflammation, therefore making themselves vulnerable to the new drugs.
After his life was saved as part of a clinical trial, Ron Walker backed a campaign to have MSD’s Keytruda fast tracked for subsidised use on melanoma last year, and last week the Federal Government also subsidised similar PD-1 drug Opdivo.
Dr Emancipator believes the Therapeutic Goods Administration now needs to examine approving drugs based on their effectiveness in treating cancers with similar genetic make-up, rather than classified on their location, to fast track their use.
But TGA spokeswoman Kay McNiece said the impact and safety may vary.
Lou's email address:  eradicateasbestos@gmail.com
In particular if you are or have had Keytruda please email me your details for my file, especially if in Australia.